The Hysteria Continues

The hysteria of the Orthodox Jewish invasion continues with Dianne DeOliveira of “Ocean County’s Hometown Station” 92.7 WOBM reporting “New tactics circumvent No Knock law in Toms River”. With a headline like that, you would assume that the invasion has intensified. Wrong.

In at least one instance, a homeowner with a No Knock sticker was approached by an individual who showed up in a rented vehicle and claimed to be from Canada and unaware of the ordinance.

How in heavens name one instance qualifies as a “new tactic” beats me. Besides, the entire article only quotes one instance of one tactic. Hardly sounds like the onslaught of foreign forces invading as the headline implies.

Another key takeaway from this article is this quote from Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little:

“The biggest problem we’re having is people are telling their neighbors or the Neighborhood Watch captain or whatever, and they’re not reporting it to us directly and they’re not getting the information from the person who is soliciting,” said Little.

Why are the purported incidents not being reported to the police? Why are residents afraid to go on record? Is it because perhaps they may get caught in a little white or outright lie?

Further Little notes:

“They also think that just somebody driving down the street and looking at houses is a violation. That is not a violation,” said Little. He pointed out that that situation sometimes leads to calls to police about suspicious people.

“There’s a little bit of panic going on, at the same time, we understand everybody’s frustration. We know some of the tricks that are being used, or trying to be used, but there’s a fine line between somebody just driving or being another resident in our town, or somebody possibly wanting to be a resident in our town and doing something illegal,” explained Little.

Get a grip people. The mass hysteria that some of the rabid haters have created, is nothing but a bunch of smoke. Stop believing the anecdotal stupidity and move on.

Oh, and for all you idiots that don’t realize we live in America, in civilized society, just note this:

A police officer also must have probable cause to issue a summons and must win that in court beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Little.

So just because your neighbor claims to have seen a peeping Tom with curly sidelocks and a hooked nose at 3 AM doesn’t mean it’s true. And no, the police can’t do anything about it either.

Move on. It’s America. It’s 2016.


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