A New #TomsRiverStrong Monster Emerges: CASH!!

Earlier today Philly.com published a report about the recent invasion of Orthodox Jews in Toms River Township. For the most part, I must say, the report was fairly balanced, and given the immense amount of hate and bigotry that has been disseminated in recent months, I give them a lot of credit.

But I learned something new. The article cites one  Laurie Venditto, a homeowner in Toms River:

In adjacent Toms River, those tensions started in late 2014 when bearded men in wide hats began knocking on doors. They had friends in Brooklyn, they said, who would pay top dollar for the houses.

“The guy who came around our street called himself ‘Charles from Brooklyn,’ ” homeowner Laurie Venditto recalled.

He “must have been here 20 or 30 times” to tell her and others on Hunters Court that his fellow Haredi Jews were moving in.

“He said we wouldn’t want to live here when he was done,” Venditto recalled, speaking in the ground-floor office of her corner home.

Sidenote: I wonder if  Charles from Brooklyn left a business card or a phone number? He did stop by “20 or 30 times”. I guess if the Vendittos wanted to sell their house, they would have to wait for Charles from Brooklyn to stop by a 31st time? Just wondering out loud.

The article concludes:

In Toms River, Venditto said she and her husband had gotten past their initial resistance to last year’s “threatening” message of “Charles from Brooklyn,” and had recently listed their home for sale – with an Orthodox-owned real estate firm.

Eleven of the 23 houses on Hunters Court and two adjacent cul-de-sacs have sold since 2015 at an average price of $631,000.

Venditto said she will miss her home of 19 years.

“We raised our children here.” But with their children grown, and the housing market hot, it seemed a good time to move on. “It’s the circle of life,” she said with a shrug.

Her new Orthodox neighbors across the street are “lovely,” Venditto said. But the real estate agents bearing what she called ” ‘suitcases of cash’ . . . gave me the feeling I was not welcome.”

Cash. Cash is what convinced the Vendittos to sell. Actually, cash gave them the feeling that they were not welcome. Who new cash could be so bad? Sounds terrible. They actually had to sell their home because of the “suitcases of cash”. My heart goes out to this lovely family.

The only question that remains is how do we fight this new monster?



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Toms River to Buy Land for $10 Million To Stop Jewish Invasion

By: Anonymous

Toms River Township took the next step to block Orthodox Jews from invading their land, and plan to purchase $10 million worth of land in the North Dover section of the town. According to Ocean County Politics (politicsOC.com)

The township council has approved over $10 million of open space purchases, with the township set to buy tracts of land in a neighborhood bordering Lakewood.

The Asbury Park Press speculates that the idea is to stop any future development of the land by Orthodox Jews that are invading from Lakewood.

We agree, but what are your thoughts? Hit us up in the comments sections or on social media using the links below.



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I’m Not An Anti-Semite But The Jews……

By: Anonymous

The sheer volume of articles and posts do not seem to abate. Most of them are accompanied by “I am not an Anti-Semite but……”. How can an issue or problem be attributed to a specific faith– the Jewish one, but at the same time not be anti-Semitic?

Ira Stoll of The Algemiener calls out the New York Times on this issue, and I think he really drives the point home.

If these businessmen — Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg — were, say, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, atheists or lapsed Catholics, do you think the Times would mention it in the third paragraph of the news item about the investigation? Of course not. It’s hard to see how the information is relevant here. The Timesstory doesn’t mention the religion of the police officials, or of the FBI agents, or of Mayor de Blasio, or of the federal prosecutor doing the investigating. Only the Orthodox Jews have their religion dragged into it.

Likewise, does the Times mention in its science or business pages the religion of the scientist or businessman every time that a successful discovery or profitable deal is made by an Orthodox Jew? No. But when there is a whiff of corruption or a grand jury investigation, you can be sure the newspaper will find a way to mention Orthodox Judaism prominently in a negative context.

When will the Asbury Park Press come clean? When will the paper admit its disdain and hate for Orthodox Jews?



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The Once Beautiful Township of Toms River

By: Shak Shuka

Sometime over the past few days I happened upon this article by Kelli Finnegan in which Kellie describes her childhood memories of growing up in Toms River. Reading her article, I couldn’t help but wonder, what are we missing here? Toms River sounds like such a beautiful town (albeit with a history of hate). Driving through Toms River on various occasion, I had a similar impression.

So why so much hate? Why do folks like Johnny ArthurChristy Barber, and  Gina Marie DiRienzo, insist on making it their top priority that Orthodox Jews should not be allowed to live in Toms River? They claim they are not anti-Semites, yet a recent post from Gina indicates her true intentions.


Who are “they” and what does “stay strong” mean?

I can go on forever about the references that these hateful individuals make. It seems quite suspect when a group is supposedly concerned about local issues, but then posts articles from across the globe (e.g. Monsey, Kiryas Joel, and Isreal??) as if it relates to the matter at hand. It seems quite suspect when they claim the issue is about overzealous real estate agents, but then it seems that the issue is really about what the Jews have done to Lakewood. Its seems quite suspect when Gina Marie reposts the following from Johnny Arthur:


How in the same breath can you say “This is not anti-Semitic”, but preceding that, talk about ways to keep Orthodox Jews out of Toms River??

Why did Christy Barber start a Change.org petition to stop the Chabad (posts about the Chabad upcoming in the near future) from obtaining a use variance by claiming that by allowing the Chabad “to operate as a religious school will have a paralyzing effect on the traffic of an already congested road”, when it is a well known and documented fact that the Chabad only has a handful of students come by a few times a week for Hebrew lessons? Will 5-10 students paralyze the area? Does Christy have an issue with the adjacent Our Lady-Perpetual Help Church and George P. Vanderveer American Legion Post 129? 

Mindblowing. Or perhaps not.




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Toms River Prostitutes Arrested In………..Lakewood

Lakewood Police Department reports via Facebook that three women were charged  with Promoting Prostitution amongst other charges.

Joanna Curcio, 50, and  Billie Lee Foster, 32, both of Toms River, were arrested after the Lakewood Police Department  Street Crime Unit conducted a March 24th sting targeting prostitutes who advertised online to perform services at local hotels.

Are the residents and governing body okay with prostitutes living in Toms River? An outcry on #TomsRiverMatters and #TomsRiverStrong Facebook groups has yet to be seen. I guess they are too busy ensuring that Orthodox Jews do not move in and ruin their township. A township of prostitution (see additional info here and here) and hate.



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Toms River: Its Not Just The Orthodox Jews That Are Not Welcome

By: Anonymous

One can understand their frustration. Overzealous real estate agents knocking on doors at all hours of the day. Strangers peeking in windows and chatting up children. Individuals parked in front of homes for hours. Sounds crazy. Indeed it does, but there is one big issue: most of these stories are anecdotal. Other than a handful of verified storys, multiple social media pages and media outlets like the Asbury Park Press and the Shore News Network have the residents of Toms River whipped into a frenzy over anecdotal evidence. Anecdotal evidence.

The question begs to be asked: why? Why are the residents of Toms River and other municipalities in Ocean County so concerned about the influx of Orthodox Jews into their towns? Why are they turning out in the hundreds, and in some cases the thousands, to township meetings to denounce the “invasion” of Orthodox Jews? If the issue was only about overzealous and harassing real estate agents, why are there constant references to “Lakewood”, “Jews”, “Hasidics”, “Orthodox Cult”, and even references to the massive conspiracy of Jews from NY, Israel, Lakewood, to take over Toms River and its environs?

In my quest to clear up some of my questions and to piece together this puzzle of madness, I decided to do a little research.

Klu Klux Klan

In February of 2011, the Asbury Park Press ran an article titled “The Unfortunate History of the Klan in Ocean County”. The Klu Klux Klan legally organized in the State of New Jersey in 1923. A short time later the Klan saw Ocean County membership grow to 2,000 members out of a population of 22,155. It did not take much time and the Klan was already heavily involved in activities throughout Ocean County including, Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Brick, Jackson, and Toms River. The Klans activity in in Ocean County is well documented:

On June 17, 1923, members of the Klan got into their robes at Lakewood High School and marched to the First Baptist Church, escorted by state and local police.

The Fourth of July was being celebrated in Huddy Park in Toms River. Hundreds of people gathered there. The Klan burned a 10-foot cross west of the Main Street bridge as its contribution to the celebration.

Further capitalizing on their growing membership in the area, the Klan held various meeting and rallies including the following:

A reported 2,000 people turned out for an August Klan gathering at the Toms River Methodist Church, most of them outside in the driving rain. The women’s auxiliary was there in force. The church, which stood at Hooper Avenue and Washington Street, is gone now, its education building converted into courtrooms for state courts.

In December the Klan rallied at Gulick Field in downtown Toms River, before marching through the streets. An estimated 500 people attended.

More recently:

On Aug. 11, 1979, David Duke of Louisiana attended a Klan rally in Barnegat and announced he would be a candidate for President. It was hosted by a misguided Aaron Morrison, 17, at his parent’s home, although his parents abhorred the Klan.

One has to wonder how many residents of Toms River were raised by parents or grandparents that were active Klan members or were complicit bystanders?

Of Skinheads and Neo-Nazis

Fast forward to 2015: The Toms River Patch reports that Toms River is home to one of 40 hate groups in the State of New Jersey. New Jersey as a whole is the 4th most active state with Skinhead hate groups in the United States. 75% of the hate groups in NJ are comprised of neo-nazi/skinhead hate groups, with three of them located in Toms River, Point Pleasant, and Brick. The Patch article was based off of data compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. In 2005, members of “The Hated” skinhead group were nabbed in a bomb plot as reported by the NY Daily News. The Hated is the group that is active in Toms River.  One does not have to do further research to determine what these hate groups represent, what they have perpetrated, and what they continue to do.

One has to wonder how the residents of Toms River or Mayor Kelaher can allow a hate group to operate in their town? Are the residents and governing body of Toms River complicit in allowing this hate group to continue to operate? Where are the hundreds of residents that turn out in regards to the invasion of Orthodox Jews?

The United States Census Bureau

On the face of things, it seems that Toms River has a Jew problem. But that is not actually the case. Toms River seems to have a minority problem. Toms River has a African American and Hispanic, amongst others, problem. To determine this, I enlisted the help of the United States Census Bureau. Per the Bureaus 2010 census, Whites (this includes individuals reporting White as their only race) accounted for 89.7% of the towns population. Black or African American alone? 2.8%. Asian alone? 3.7%. I think you get the gist. Toms River has no interest in any minorities. I’d be shocked if the next census indicates an improvement in these numbers. Toms River does not want anyone that does not fit in their proverbial box. And that’s a shame. In 2016, you’d think the hate was long eradicated. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So don’t kid yourself into thinking that its just about the Orthodox Jews, because its not.

I began this article asking, why? Given the aforementioned, I think I know the answer. Hopefully you can come to the same conclusion.